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Whale of a tour

It was the day after Canada Day and we headed out on the water - as we were leaving the dock we wondered what surprises were waiting for us.  In anticipation of a wonderful day, we cranked up the Newfie tunes and headed out with our guests for the day.  It was a beautiful calm  day so we expected anything as you can see more in the water when it's not rough. We could see the whales everywhere, jumping and rolling ahead and under the boat.  It was so clear that we could see the white of the whale as he approached the surface of the water.  This was turning out to be an awesome day, more than we had even imagined we would see started to appear.  As we continued to steam ahead, we saw the most amazing shaped iceberg with the sun gleaming off it, we could see crevices and little rivers of water.  WOW what a sight to behold, we dedided to get some ice from the smaller pieces which was a bit of a challenge since we forgot our net but managed to get it anyway with the bucket....the boys thought this was one of the best parts looking forward to the rest of the trip, we headed home.  Before we knew it, they appeared putting on a little show our famous Dolphins (aka squidhounds) who were quite excited to see us.  We had seen all that time would allow us so we headed home with more than enough pictures by everyone onboard.  Until next time this is Pursuit's Korner saying goodbye

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