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D H Hancock Memorial Splash Pads of Champion" target="_blank">http:// "Splash pad of Champions" is a memorial fund to honour DJ Hancock by constructing a splash pad in the South End of the City of Greater Sudbury. The Splash pad is themed in one of the things that DJ loved most.....Hockey!This fund was created by friends of the family in an effort to pay tribute to such a caring and outgoing young man. DJ received his wings to play with Heaven's angels at the young age of 18. His life was cut short when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver on his way home from hockey tryouts this past August.There is no better way to honour such a passionate and caring young man than to create a destination that incorporates the things that he loved; hockey, spending time with family, laughing and loving life. A Splash Pad is such a great summer destination on a hot summer day! It creates a unique area where families can gather and enjoy the benefits of socializing, play and most of all fun in a worry free environment.As most Sudburians are well aware, it's not uncommon that during the hottest weeks of summer, quite often Sudbury's main beaches are closed due to the presence of harmful bacteria. Building this splash pad serves as an additional benefit to serving the community by accommodating the many families that are looking for a central location to cool off. The South End of the City of Greater Sudbury is the chosen destination as this is where DJ not only grew up but also spent the majority of his hockey career. Creating such a monumental destination will allow for DJ's memory to live on amongst the people who's lives he has touched. The goal for this campaign is to start construction in the summer for 2015. Where are we at with this projectThe City has chosen a location and granted the land for this project. The site of the future Splash pad will be Lockerby Tot Lot- at the corner of Walford Road and Ramsey View Crt. The City has committed to the future maintenance of the splash pad once construction is complete.Through various fundraisers over the past few months of selling T Shirts, toques and hockey pucks, we have raised close to $15,000.00Thanks to the generosity of local businesses with donations of money and in kind services, we have received close to $50,000.00 towards the construction of the splash pad. We are so close to reaching our goal of the $100,000 towards the installation. All we need is to win the $100,000 to buy the Fixtures for the Splash pad.That's where YOU can help. Your vote for the "Splash pad of Champions" will help bring us that much closer to achieving our goal. Please vote daily for the next 10 days and help spread the word

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