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  • Tristan Cassell

Up Close With The Whales

As I sat thinking again today - I thought back to when I was just a kid, me and my dad woke up to the sound of songbirds singing joyfully within the thick brush of trees behind our house.  If it was a good day, we planned on going on a trip to Canada Bay. As I gazed out the window I saw the water was dead calm, the sun was glistening off the harbour making it sparkle as if it were a sheet of diamonds. The sky was bright as ever, and so was the smile on my face when I thought about the adventure that we would experience that day. My brother awoke just seconds after I had witnessed this beautiful scenery, as he walked toward me with his frizzled bed head he said "where's daddy?", I  replied "he's gone to get the boat ready" Tyler looked at me with his eyes wide open, and screamed out "whoo hooooo".  Just minutes later Tyler and I were heading down the back road towards the boat, singing and jogging. This was just the start of an exciting day.  Once we boarded the boat, we were heading out in the bay when for the first time in my life I heard the sound of a whale as it surfaced the calm of the water. As this magnificent creature was going back within the depths, it flicked its tail, throwing water all over us. It was cold but this didn't stop us from further exploring this amazing ocean. After we got further out I saw a three fins just metres behind the boat, and as I looked around the area that caught my attention I realized that there were dolphins following us. This wasn't an unusual site, actually just about every time we went out after that we saw dolphins swimming around, behind, and under us. We rode around the harbour and viewed all the beautiful sites we could see, then headed in and called it a day. After all, a full day on the water  looking at natures beauty can be tiring for two little boys.

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