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  • Tristan Cassell

Tour Of A Lifetime

Do you ever feel like you need a place to get away?  If so we have just the place for you. Come on down to Bide Arm Newfoundland.  The sites you see on the way down here to our tour are mindblowing. But -  thats just a start to the spectacular things you'll see when you join us on our amazing boat tour. We will travel across the water on the most beautiful ocean you will ever see. Scenes such as Whales, squidhounds, Icebergs, historcal sites will leave you saying "woww".  I dont know what you've seen, or where you've been in your life, but we guarantee that if you take the time to come take a tour with us, there will be absolutely no dissappointment whatsoever.  Actually it'll probably have you making reservations for the next time you want to visit us.  If you like beautiful scenery -  you'll love the great Scenic Pursuit.

Grab your cameras and lifejackets, you're in for quite an interesting adventure

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