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Bide Arm Resettlement from Hooping Harbour

The Residents of Bide Arm are currently the proud owners of original houses that were relocated by water from Hooping Harbour in 1969. One of those houses is pictured here which is completely restored back to it original condition and houses memorabilia for Lily and Ashton Cassell who raised their family here. This house is now a public museum and you can drop by to take a walk back in time while being served refreshments.

The Ashton house was built in 1952 in Little Harbour Deep, NL. The House originally belonged to Ashton and Lily Cassell, they had 13 children, 10 of which lived in this home at one point. In 1965 there was a rumor of a road link being built to link the communities to better services. They had a desire for an higher education for the children. It was this desire that prompted Mr. Cassell to uproot his family and cradle his home unto a raft and float it to Hooping Harbour. In 1969, there came a government resettlement out of Hooping Harbour.

Mr. Cassell, his family and the Ashton House were again uprooted and floated on a raft to Bide Arm. The house sat vacant for 22 years. The town of Roddickton-Bide Arm took ownership in 2006, then restoration began. It now sits beside the ocean in Bide Arm and is a public museum for you to walk back in time and for a moment see how this family once lived. While in The Ashton House Museum, you will find information on the complete resettlement that took place in 1969.

Bide Arm's History of Resettlement by water

Bide Arm is a fishing community located at the far end of a 10 km (6 mi) inlet in White Bay between Englee and Roddickton. In July 1969, 186 of the 215 residents of Hooping Harbour founded the community of Bide Arm under the community consolidation program. Under the leadership of Pastor Booth Reid of the Apostolic Faith Church, they chose Bide Arm over Englee because of their desire to establish an independent community under resettlement. By 1971 the community was incorporated, had water and sewage, telephone service, a post office, a school for Kindergarten to Grade Four and an Apostolic church. The fish Plant was started in 1969 processing cod and turbot but has been inactive in recent years.

This is a picture of the original resettlement process, in the picture to the left you will see The Apostolic Faith Church being floated from Hooping Harbour, in this photo is it's arrival to the new home of this church currently known as Bide Arm.

In the photo below is a re-inactment of the moving of The Ashton House from Hooping Harbour to Bide Arm during Bide Arm Come Home Year 2009.

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