Scenic Pursuit Ltd.

by Tennis Cassell

Tristan Cassell - My Memory

I was awake very early this morning thinking of my first

memories of being out on the water when I was little.  The smell of the ocean as we left to go for a ride, the sun was gleaming of the water, and the calmness of the water was magical and you could see the mountains and trees as the calm water mirrored an exact image.... what an awesome picture. 

My first initial  thought was "this has

to be the best place on earth"  where else could I find such a magical moment?  No water park or amusement park has ever made me feel this happy.  Newfoundland is the  best place on earth and I can say this with assurance because although I am still just a young man, I have travelled quite a bit in Canada and the United States and there are very nice places but none can compare to the beauty and cleanliness of this wholesome Newfoundland.